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If you need to apologize to your wife and ask for her forgiveness, What to Write: Sorry Messages For Wife with pictures | quotes about love, wishes. Express your deepest yet so-sweet gratitude to your wife by taking the help of this excellent collection of romantic sorry messages for your wife. Read on to find the perfect heartfelt romantic sorry note for her. There are times in life when the wrong moment and bad behavior can cause severe problems in your marriage and your relationship with your wife. In those moments, you should take all the responsibility for your actions and say your sincere apologies to her.

There are many obstacles in a relationship even a married couple isn’t exempt from misunderstanding, fights, or arguments. Naturally, women’s hearts are softer than men’s. They can’t tolerate rudeness. So, even a little sorrow can bring lots of tears to their eyes. But you can quickly turn their grief into a smile with these heartfelt sorry messages for your wife. See more ideas quotes about wife quotes, sad quotes, sad love quotes, im sorry quotes, sorry messages, apologize quotes, i’m sorry paragraphs.

Sorry Messages For Wife With Pictures Quotes About Love Wishes

Romantic Sorry Messages for Wife

#1. I know I was wrong for claiming that I was right. I promise to always give your views a good look. Please accept my apologies.

#2. Every time I remember that I hurt you, I feel guilt hanging all over me. I am now a captive of my deeds, and you have the keys to my prison door. Please forgive me.

#3. I am truly penitent, dear. Let me suffer the guilt of my wrongs by working hard to pave a new path and prove myself to you once again.

i m sorry paragraphs for wife

#4. I know I was wrong. I know my words made you cry, but trust me, I never meant to hurt you. I don’t know what happened to me at that time. Please forgive me.

#5. I never meant to insult you. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to put you through pain, and I promise to never do this again. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

#6. I won’t let my attitude destroy our relationship. Forgive me, my sunshine.

#7. I know my simple apology can not take away the pain I gave you. But believe me, you’re not the only one suffering. I will do anything and everything to make you smile again.

#8. I can not bear this distance between us. Let me fix everything for the last time. I’m sorry my love!

#9. My sweet angel, how could I have been so thoughtless? Please give me a chance to repair what I damaged. I ask for your forgiveness, my dearest wife.

#10. You are a wonderful wife with a big heart. My heart hurts without you. Please forgive me and let me be in your heart once again.

#11. To my sweet and lovely wife, with all the love, I say sorry baby! That time, I lost control and said many bad words. But now I’m really very sorry about that. Please forgive me, my love!

#12. Dear sweetheart! Do you know how much I love you? I love you more than anything else. That time, I made a mistake. I’m extremely sorry for that. Please talk to me!

#13. try just because I should. I am saying sorry because I genuinely feel bad that I hurt you intentionally. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

#14. I’m really very sorry for being so rude and hurting you. I’m the one who started the fight and right now I am feeling so down. Please, lift me with your love. Forgive me, sweetheart.

#15. Darling, I’m not too proud to admit that I was wrong. I was selfish, foolish, and pigheaded and I could kick myself for hurting you so much. I’ll do my best to never let it happen again. I’m so sorry.

apology quotes for wife

#16. My dear wife, I am incredibly sorry for whatever I said. I lost my cool and told you stuff that I am ashamed of. I am sorry for hurting you.

#17. Dear, During the time of goodbye, I want to share some tips with you. Choose the best I am sorry messages from above and write them on a card and put them somewhere your wife will see them in the morning. Or you may send messages, emails, or sweet recorded voicemails of your own.

#18. I am so cold without your love; so alone. The faint flicker of hope that you can forgive me is all that keeps me alive.

#19. I am so sorry for making you question your choices. Take my hand, and let’s walk side by side again.

#20. Each day without you, my wife, I sink a little deeper into a pit of despair. I need the strength that your companionship offers.

#21. You are better than me when it comes to these emotional issues. I am to rise to your understanding. I am sorry for letting you down.

#22. You are the kind of woman who only comes around once in a lifetime. I am probably the most fortunate man to have you as my wife. I am sorry that I hurt you. Please accept my apology and let us heal together.


Sweet Sorry Message for Wife

#24. As your husband, my job is to protect and cherish your heart, and sadly, I have failed. Please give me a chance to try again, my sweetest wife.

#25. I always wake up every morning with a smile. Do you know why? It’s because of you. Now I woke up and felt like I was carrying the world on my shoulders. Do you know why? It’s because I hurt you. I’m sorry!

#26. I’m not perfect, and you know, I made a mistake and I paid for it. Will you forgive me for making you suffer?

sorry message for wife

#27. A big part of my heart is broken for hurting you. I’m sorry for letting you down.

#28. I’m sorry! Can you give me a chance to make it up to you? I can not see you like this.

#29. I’m sorry for letting my anger take control of me. You mean more to me than anything in the world. Please forgive me, my darling wife.

#30. An old proverb says that ‘To err is human, to forgive divine. Why don’t you be the divine and beautiful goddess that you are and forgive a mere mortal like me?


#31. I promise to become an ideal husband and the man of your dreams. I’ll never hurt you again, I swear.

#32. You are my better half, and I promise to improve if you give me one more chance.

#33. As I ruined everything, give me a chance to make everything alright. I need your help, dear.

#34. Sweetheart! I’m very sorry because I hurt you. I didn’t hurt you willfully. I was very tense at that time. I hope you’ll forgive me!

#35. Sweetheart! I hope you will forgive me for my rough activities last night. I didn’t understand what to do or not to do. Now I feel very sorry for that. Forgive me for such bad actions.

#36. The matter we fought for was meaningless, but through this, I have given sorrow to your delicate mind. I am sorry, darling. I promise you that it will not happen again. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#37. I always love and respect you. But like any other person, I am also not free from all mistakes. So, please don’t be upset with my delusions. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

sorry quotes for wife

#38. We can’t avoid all the unexpected moments in our daily life. But I believe that our love is strong enough to tackle any unwanted situations between us. Sorry for everything, my darling.

#39. I am not tolerant enough like you, and you know it’s one of my vital weaknesses. So, please don’t be angry with me.

#40. You might not be able to feel my real regrets, but if you put your hand on my chest, you might perceive that my heart is crying in sorrow. I love you, my dearest. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.


Apology Messages for Wife

#42. Baby, I didn’t do it on purpose. I regret it from my heart. I can’t stay without you and can’t stay apart. Please forgive me now and end this part. I am so sorry!

#43. You don’t deserve to be talked to rudely and I feel like a horrible husband for talking to you badly. Please forgive me!

#44. Sorry for hurting you baby. I never meant to be so heartless. Please forgive me. Without your love, I’m worthless.

#45. Dearest, as I acknowledge my guilt, would you please forget it and love me again? Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#46. I regret that if I ignored the incident, I would not have hurt you so badly. I apologize, darling.

romantic sorry messages

#47. Would you please stop lengthening the unrest between us about that simple matter? If you forgive me, I will be grateful to you forever.

#48. Darling, you may give me any punishment or pardon me. But I am really sorry for that undesired mishap.

#49. I am heartily sorry for that unexpected occurrence. If you don’t forgive me, I will never be able to pardon myself.

#50. Many tears dropped from your eyes because of the way I hurt you. Today I promise that I will convert every fallen tear of yours into a precious pearl. I’m sorry.


#51. Big or small, lies are lies. I’m ashamed that I made you cry. In regret, I’m miserably drowning. I’m desperately waiting for your forgiveness.

#52. Sweetheart, sometimes unwanted ado comes between us and I know I am more responsible for this. Sorry for my guilt with you.

#53. My mornings and nights are never the same after the night of our fight. I always cry to sleep. I always had sleepless nights. I hope you will forgive me because I feel so sad and sorry for what happened to us. Sorry!

#54. Each day I can really feel the distance growing between us. It is tearing me apart. I admit that it was my fault and I want to say “sorry” for what I have done wrong. I’m asking for forgiveness and hopefully, we can be happy again. I love you, my dear!

#55. My dear (name of your wife), I am so sorry. The following days, I realized my mistake. Please let me make it up to you. I’m sorry. I will wait for your call. I love you.

#56. I love you and will love you forever. It is through this beautiful message that I am very sorry and also seeks an apology for hurting you yesterday. I hope you will forgive me for the same. ”

#57. I don’t know how to begin, but I just want you to know that I miss you very much after our misunderstanding. I’m sorry to my wife for everything. I just wish it ended now. I truly miss your smile, laugh, kisses and hugs.

Sorry Quotes for Wife

#59. Dear love! This message will carry my love and my feelings for you. At that time, I behaved very rough. I’m very ashamed of my actions. I’m very sorry!

#60. Beloved, I was not conscious. It happened accidentally. So please forget it and pardon me. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#61. I am not sure what happened to me suddenly. I was out of my senses. So please forgive me for my mistakes.

sorry msg for wife

#62. Each time we quarrel about trivial matters, it hurts us both. It would be foolish if we continued today’s baloney. Please let it go away!

#63. Thank you for being my wife and for being my guide. You have been very patient with me, and I have erred again. Please forgive me.

#64. You are a wonderful wife with a big heart. I am nothing without you. Please forgive my boorishness last night, and let me learn to be more like you.

#65. Someday, this will be one of our inside jokes. But right now, I am feeling so low that I’ve made you angry with my bad behavior. I’m sorry, darling.

#66. Nothing is right in this world if I can’t make this right. Please give me another chance to become a better version of myself. Forgive me, please.

#67. For all the mean things I said, I’m sorry. For all the times I’ve been rude, I’m sorry. For all the times I made you cry, I’m sorry. For all the times I haven’t been the man I promised you to be… I am sorry.

#68. Sorry is a small word for the big mistake I’ve made. But believe me, the price of my actions has been heavily paid. Every single second away from you is like a dagger in my heart. Punish me any way you want to… But I can’t stand being apart. I am sorry!

#69. My heart is trapped in regret and it needs your forgiveness to set it free. I love you.

#70. I can’t feel regret, I can’t feel remorse because the guilt of breaking your heart makes me numb from the inside out. I’m sorry.

#71. Dear! I never mean to hurt you, I never mean to insult you and I never mean to give you such pain. It was my mistake and I am sorry for that. Please give me one last chance baby!

#72. I promise to be the true man of your life. My wedding vows include being a good husband and a good provider for our family. I failed to do that. I have been selfish and expected too much from you. I am sorry dear; I will try my best to be faithful to my promise.

#73. I know I am not worthy of your love, but you still chose me to be your husband. I am really sorry honey. I promised not to be late at night, but I came so late last night. Much worse, I did not consider you waiting for me while I drank all night with my friends. Please forgive me. I will make up for my mistake.

#74. I am sorry (name of wife) for not supporting you with your interests. I know that you have dreamt of taking a course in fashion. I was insensitive to disagreeing at first, but I realized that part of loving you is accepting who you are and supporting what you love.

#75. Our commitment is a lifetime. That is why I am begging you now to forgive me. I am sorry for what I have done. I want to make this relationship work. Please come back to our home. I promise things will be better between us.

#76. My apology comes straight from my heart, not only from my mouth. Please believe that I am truly sorry for what I did. Please forgive me, honey.

Sincere I’m Sorry Quotes & Messages for Wife

#78. You have kissed away my tears many times, and if you let me, I would like to do that for you. I’m so sorry for the way I hurt you, my beloved wife.

#79. May this apology be like a soft blanket for you, my honey. Wrap yourself in its warmth and feel the softness of my heart as I make things right with you. I’m sorry!

#80. My dear wife, Please accept my apology and give me a chance to nurture our relationship once again.

#81. Take your time and get the anger off your chest. I will wait for as long as you need. You are my wife and I am sorry for hurting you so deeply.

#82. I am sorry that we fought and argued. I am sorry for all the trouble that ensued. I am sorry I took you for granted. I promise it wasn’t what I had intended. I’m sorry I made you feel bad. Forgive me, baby… I’m going mad.

#83. I am sorry that I lied. But I am not lying when I say sorry. Please forgive me, sweetheart.

#84. I haven’t eaten properly, I haven’t slept well and I haven’t shaved. I’ll be this way until my wife forgives me for the way I behaved. Xoxo

#85. I’m not going to let a few fights scar our love’s innocence. I promise to never lie again, not even once. Xoxo

#86. I know you have the right to be angry. But being your husband, I too have the right to prove myself until you accept my apology. I am sorry sweetheart.

#87. Being sorry is the first step to repentance, and repentance is the first step to being a better person. Please give me the chance to prove that I can be a better husband. I am sorry.

#88. I made a mistake because I am only human. But I want my love to feel like home to you.

#89. I have loved you with all my heart till now and will keep doing that. I am sorry for talking to you rudely. I should never have.

#90. My heart will rot in guilt because I will never forgive myself for what I did. But it will continue to beat to seek solace in your forgiveness. I’m sorry.

#91. Let us give up haggling because we don’t deserve it, and I don’t want to see you sitting alone being upset.

#92. When you get grief from me and become silent, my life comes to a stop. So, please give me another chance to rectify myself.

Heart Touching I’m Sorry Quotes For Wife

#94. To my cute wife! I hope you’ll forgive me for all of my wrong activities and we may continue our love journey till the end of our lives. I’m sorry for my mistake. I will never repeat what I promised!

#95. I don’t have any other alternative but to fast if you don’t forgive me today. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#96. The causes of your huffing at me are absolutely right, and I have no speech against it, but please give me another chance to adjust it.

#97. Each moment is painful for me whenever you stay far away from me being unsatisfied.

#98. Love means compromise. I concede my mistake to you. So, please calm down now. Love you.

#99. You are not only my wife, you are my everything. How can I live well if you leave me so angrily?

#100. I don’t understand sometimes what happens to me. I became crazy and couldn’t tolerate anything. But I know you are kind enough to forgive me for anything wrong on my side. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#101. You are my sweet wife, and I am your naughty husband. So you may have to pardon me frequently for my incivility.

#102. I concede, sometimes I become rude to you. But believe me, I become more upset than you when I do anything wrong with you. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#103. How can you leave my closeness when you know that whatever happens, I can’t live a moment without you?

#104. There are no limits to my remorse and guilt. You have no idea how badly I miss you. I acted in a state of unawareness. Now all I ask humbly, my queen, is for a chance to prove myself to you.

#105. More than what I did, I am ashamed of who I have become. Please forgive me and I promise you will see the best of me in the time to come.

#106. To my sweet and lovely wife, with all the love, I say sorry baby! That time, I lost my control and told you many bad words. But now I’m really very sorry about that. Please forgive me, my love!

#107. The tears dropped from your eyes only to my devil side. The way I hurt you broke me from the inside. I’m sorry for the fight and am asking for your forgiveness with my weeping heart. Please accept my heartiest apology.

#108. More than what I did, I’m ashamed of who I’ve become. I’m sorry.

#109. I looked up your zodiac sign in the newspaper today and this is what it said – your husband will break your heart by mistake, but hurting you was never his intention. When he says sorry, accept his apology immediately and run back into his arms! Xoxo

Apology Quotes Letter For Wife & Sorry Text Messages

#111. For all the memories we share, for all the smiles we have, it breaks my heart to see you sad. I am so sorry baby.

#112. Big or small, lies are lies. I am ashamed that I made you cry. Please give me another chance. I want to be the man you deserve.

#113. I’m sorry that in your eyes, I couldn’t stand tall. You, of all the people in the world, don’t deserve this at all. Smiles on your face, I desperately want to see… the man I really am. I promise to be him.

#114. Sorry for hurting you baby. I never meant to be so heartless. Please forgive me… Without your love, I’m truly worthless.

#115. Love means always being ready to say you’re sorry when you’re wrong. I was wrong, my dear. I’m sorry for not seeing that sooner.

#116. I am ready to face the music because it was my fault. I’m sorry for not seeing that right away, my darling wife.

#117. We vowed to stay together, but I have not made it easy for you. Please accept my apologies for not being a supportive husband. I will do better given another chance.

#118. I still marvel at my good fortune of having a beautiful and loving wife. But I’ve hurt you, and I’m very sorry for that.

#119. No matter how low I go, it seems that your arms are always open for me. I don’t deserve such grace. I promise to try harder, sweet wife.

#120. I know that your love for me is so high that you can forgive me for any of my gruffness, but I promise that next time I will try to rectify myself. Click to tweet this sorry message to your wife.

#121. True love isn’t so fragile that a little misunderstanding can break it. Please, pardon me if you find anything wrong on my side.

#122. Beloved, I regret each time I misbehave with you. So I don’t feel any shame about asking for pardon from you. And believe me, I feel sorrow for my behavior.

#123. I know how much you love me, but sometimes I lose control over myself and do things that I shouldn’t do. This time it happened again, and I am humiliated by this. My darling.

Sorry Images and Sad Quotes About Love for Wife

Sorry is a small word but the meaning is deep. It makes me weep as you are not talking to me. Please forgive me! I am sorry!

I will not really plead for forgiveness to you. But I would say simple sorry to you. I promise that this will never happen again. If you think I am at fault, then I simply apologize from my end. Sorry for everything and all the things that I have told you. I am really sorry!

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